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Asphalt Extractor Exp. Proof

Asphalt Extractor Exp. Proof


Asphalt Centrifuge Extractors are designed for use in the seperation of asphaltic mixtures to determine bitumen percentage. Bowl speed is variable from 0-3,600 RPM and the extractor is provided with a brake circuit for fast stopping. The aluminum bowl assembly is removeable. A cup built into the housing cover allows easy pouring of the solvent into the bowl. The unit is supplied complete with 25 filter disc.


Models Available:
Explosion Proof:   

  • HM-E3  1500 Gm. Capacity  110 Vac  50/60HZ
  •  HM-E3-2   1500 Gm. Capacity  220 Vac  50/60HZ
  • HM-E4   3000 Gm. Capacity  110 Vac  50/60HZ
  • HM-E4-2  3000 Gm. Capacity  220 Vac  50/60HZ

Non Explosion Proof:  

  • HM-E5  1500 Gm. Capacity  110 Vac  50/60HZ
  • HM-E6   3000 Gm. Capacity   110 Vac  50/60HZ
  • HM-E6-2  3000 Gm. Capacity  Capacity  220 Vac  50/60HZ      
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