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Service Details

Completed Product Services

As a leading manufacturer of materials testing equipment, HMC is capable of supplying finished, packaged and ready-to-ship products; from raw materials. In-house services include assembly, spray painting, silk screening, stenciling, wiring of motors and controls, and custom packaging or crating. 

Component Part Services

Whether a production run, a single piece or a repair part, HMC has the capability to tool-up and manufacture Machined, Welded and Fabricated parts. Working within tight quality control guidelines, Houghton can consistently deliver products and services that meet your specifications.

Sub-Assembly Services

Drawing from experience in varied operations, Houghton can supply a product that can include machined parts, weldments and fabrications, as well as standard purchased items - assembled and ready to install. 

Metal Machining & Fabrication 

Complete machine shop and fabricating capabilities include:  CNC machining, CNC punching and shearing, forming, welding and bending.

Auxiliary Services

Due to Houghton's extremely desirable location, sources have been developed that provide many additional services. Among these are pattern making, casting, plating, anodizing, heat-treating and other related services.

Quality Control 

The most important step of any manufacturing process is quality control. Houghton has full on-site inspection services. Every item manufactured will be completely inspected before shipment, assuring that your piece-part, sub-assembly or product will meet your requirements. 

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